Collectible "Charmstring" Buttons ~ Swirlbacks

For non-collectors, I'll try to provide a brief definition of "charmstring"... In the late 1800s, ladies began exchanging buttons with friends, putting them on a string. The tale as passed down, tells that once the 999th button is put on the string, Prince Charming will come along. Though all buttons found on antique charmstrings are not glass, the swirlbacks are among the favorites.
These fragile glass buttons are all small, 1/2 inch or less and in relatively good condition considering their age.
U.S. S/H is $3.00; please Email me with orders and/or any questions; if you want to see the backs and/or a closeup I'll be happy to oblige.
If ordering, please state row number, letter and price. either way (A 5 $) or (1 C $) which will help me quickly identify to which button you're referring. I am a button collector in the process of down-sizing, not a dealer so my site does not have the professional look. THANKS for visiting.